Reelables Smart Labels

The Future of Supply Chain Data Tracking and Visibility

Revolutionize Track and Trace with Reelables Smart Label Tracking

Reelables smart labels automate data collection with real-time visibility into supply chain operations and performance. Our Bluetooth tracking labels actively communicate location, reducing human error and eliminating the need to manually scan inventory or operate complicated tracking devices. 

Paper-thin labels are easy to use for tracking shipments and inventory at the item level, and consistent visibility increases accountability and reduces loss and theft.

Smart label tracking solutions are ideal for companies that want to evolve past standard barcode labeling to gain more data insights and product status visibility for better customer service and efficiency.

Reelables Smart Labels
Instant Shipment Visibility

Real-Time Shipment Visibility

Use our smart label tracking solution to maintain visibility into a shipment’s location wherever it is. Our temperature logging labels add an extra layer of insight, detecting temperature fluctuations and notifying you as they occur.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve Operational Efficiency

Save on labor costs and keep things moving faster with automated scanning in the background. Smart label tracking eliminates the need to move inventory through choke points, reduces human error, and facilitates fresh inventory audits every 60 seconds.

Easy Integration With API or App

Easy Integration With API or App

Our all-in-one solution allows you to easily print and attach Reelables paper-thin smart labels. Monitor your shipments through our app or dashboard, or you can set up custom API integrations to work with your existing system.

Eco-Friendly Materials for More Flexibility

Eco-Friendly Materials for More Flexibility

Reelables smart labels are approved for air transport, using an environmentally-friendly Zn-Mn battery coating, which is incorporated within the label. They are disposable in ordinary waste streams, eliminating the need of additional spend for e-waste disposal.

Are you ready to revolutionize your track and trace system?

Modernize Your Logistics Operations With Reelables Smart Label Tracking

Bluetooth Tracking Labels

An easy-to-use, automated solution to the track-and-trace challenge. These smart labels actively broadcast a Bluetooth identifier, enabling full stock counts and location of high to medium-value items every minute.

Temperature Logging Labels

Accurately measure temperature from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. Automatically transmit data to an easy-to-use app or your management system via API to alert you in time to proactively avoid spoilage and reduce loss.

5G Labels

Track cargo and inventory around the world without deploying any additional infrastructure by using smart tracking labels that work with 5G Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IOT) radio technology.