NB-IoT Tracking Labels Show Where Shipments Are

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Reelables NB-IoT Tracking Labels Directly Communicate with 5G-Ready Cellular Networks

Cargo forwarders and logistics companies now have total supply chain visibility at a per-item level. Reelables NB-IoT tracking labels directly communicate with cellular networks via Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) radio technology standard – wide area tracking with no infrastructure, barcode scanning, or manual data collection. With an easy-to-use app or dashboard, you can see the location of any item in real time.

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Worldwide Shipment Tracking

Low power wide area network (LPWAN)-enabled Reelables NB-IoT tracking labels communicate with global cellular networks. Gain instant visibility into different legs of your supply chain as well as  densely packed or obstructed warehouses.



Reelables NB-IoT tracking labels are designed for high-volume, lower cost applications. Apply a low-cost NB-IoT tracking label to each item rather than attaching a black box to a pallet and spend time and labor to retrieve data and return the device.
Eco-Friendly Materials for More Flexibility

Safe for Air Shipments

Our tracking labels integrate a thin, eco-friendly Zn-Mn battery coating, which is part of the label. Without containing hazardous chemicals, NB-IoT tracking labels are approved for air shipments and can be disposed of in ordinary waste streams.

We work with VARs and partner with them to deliver track and trace solutions that provide customers with real-time visibility into supply chain performance.

The Power of Label Tracking Technology


Instantly confirm that shipments are on track or detect exceptions and excursions in real time to prevent problems.

Accessible Real-Time Insights

Improve operational efficiency by providing every member of your team with access to location data via the Reelables app or dashboard or connect your application to the Reelables API.


Avoid time investigating lost items. Reelables provides you with track-and-trace data necessary to track your shipments and inventory items at all times.

Reelables NB-IoT Tracking Label Features

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