Location & Temperature Logging Labels for Perishable Shipments

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Reelables Temperature Logging Labels Provide Track and Trace & Temperature Data

Prevent cold chain and perishables losses with Reelables temperature logging labels. These labels accurately measure temperature from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius, and automatically transmit data to an easy-to-use app or your management system via API system generated alerts to proactively avoid spoilage, and fulfill compliance requirements. 

Discover how easy and affordable it is to try the next generation of track-and-trace technology today!


Reelables temperature logging labels have a 100 m range so these active Bluetooth labels transmit temperature data from any part of the warehouse or from within trucks.


Our cost-effective, disposable labels eliminate the need to attach traditional tracking devices, insert USB dongles & download reports, and avoid return logistics.

Eco-Friendly Materials for More Flexibility

Environmentally Friendly

Safe for air transport, our labels use an eco-friendly Zn-Mn alternative battery coating incorporated in the label. Say goodbye to special e-waste disposal requirements.

We work with VARs and partner with them to deliver track and trace solutions that provide customers with real-time visibility into supply chain performance.

The Benefits of Reelables Temperature Logging Labels


Instantly check the temperature and location of inventory during shipment or in storage without human intervention.

Accessible Insights

Use the Reelables app on your smartphone or connect your management system to the Reelables API for real-time access to cold chain or perishable shipment data.


These labels actively transmit data to the Reelables app in real time, which alerts you when temperatures rise or fall outside acceptable levels.

Provide Accountability

Data from Reelables temperature logging labels give you a history of inventory movement and environmental conditions, helping you ensure shipment conditions are controlled in the future.
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Reelables Temperature Logging Label Features

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