The Reelables Way of Tracking Data

A Modernized Way of Tracking Data

Reelables Bluetooth labels automatically provide real-time inventory and shipment visibility.

Supercharge Your Logistics

Reelables labels help avoid problems before they happen. Our active tracking platform detects exceptions or shipping issues that may arise. With real-time alerts, you can quickly and efficiently determine what went wrong, who was responsible, and when or where the exception occurred.

Tracking Data One Solution

Tracking Data With One Solution

At Reelables, we combine smart labels that automatically transmit data with software to provide inventory stats without having to move items through choke points for scanning. Our customer-specific, web-based interface provides visualizations showing item locations, inventory counts, and temperature data for cold chain and perishables.

Ready to streamline your tracking?

Easy Integration With API or App

Seamless Integration

You can easily integrate the Reelables system with your current infrastructure and business applications. Access data via app, dashboard, or API.

Eco-Friendly Materials for More Flexibility

Environmentally Friendly

Our labels use an eco-friendly Zn-Mn alternative battery coating incorporated in the label, allowing for easy disposal in ordinary waste streams.

Instant Shipment Visibility


Eliminate the need to move inventory through specific choke points. Products can be anywhere in the warehouse.

Tracking Data the Way You Want To

Reelables labels are activated and automatically associated with existing identifiers such as serial numbers, order IDs, or shipment tracking numbers. They can also be printed with custom QR codes, barcodes, or company logos.

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