Next Generation Logistics Visibility

Leverage Freight Visibility Automation to Expand Your Supply Chain Network

The Reelables track and trace system makes it easier to expand your supply chain network by automating traditional warehouse tasks, eliminating manual scanning, and providing the data necessary to make smart decisions. There is no longer a need for complex paperwork or IT tasks to bring a new warehouse online. Simply plug in a gateway and gain access to instant logistics visibility.

Looking for shipment tracking software that’s easy to install and provides real-time visibility? Try Reelables today!

Plug-and-Play Technology

Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Eliminate invasive integration, expensive infrastructure, and time-intensive integrations when expanding supply chain tracking systems. Reelables is simple to set up and provides instant cargo location visibility.

Operational Visibility

Get the logistics visibility necessary to run operations more efficiently. See accurate dwell times, arrival and departure times, and detect split shipments in every instance.

Completely Scalable

Completely Scalable

Reelables freight visibility software makes it possible to track shipments no matter how large or small. It’s scalable from containers down to a piece level.

We work with VARs, partnering with them to deliver Bluetooth track-and-trace solutions that provide customers with real-time visibility into supply chain performance.

Better Logistics Visibility Makes it Easier to Grow Your Business

Improve Customer Service

Help customers better plan their operations by providing more accurate delivery times and detecting exceptions early. Customer-facing access can even be added using a provided I-frame for your website.

Expand Your Network

Eliminating manual tasks makes it easier to add warehouses to your supply chain operations network. Our solution is simple to implement and doesn’t require scanning, paperwork, or complicated IT processes for integration.

Renegotiate Existing Contracts

Reducing manual tasks associated with receiving and distributing packages also reduces the cost of doing business with your company. Renegotiate existing contracts by leveraging a smoother process that requires reduced labor.

Ready to learn more? Download our Bluetooth tracking label spec sheet.