Smart Label Tracking for Freight Forwarders

Automated Visibility at Piece Level

Real-time freight tracking

How it works

Bluetooth, single-use, battery powered labels are printed from a label printer with your tracking number.  Stationary and mobile data gateways are strategically placed in your facilities, third-party facilities, and dedicated trailers.  Smart labeled freight transits through each facility, automatically announcing its arrival and departure through the data gateways.

Automated tracking is the future of logistics.

How it saves time

Smart labeled freight eliminates the question, “Where is my freight?”

No longer do you need to go back and forth between the customer, the warehouse, last known location, etc. to locate freight.  There is no need for a warehouse walk through to find freight.  Nor do you need to make trips to a 3rd party facility to make sure it is not there.  The smart label is telling you where it is through the network of your and third party facilities.

Identify split shipments where and when they happen, avoiding headaches and customer frustration later.

When each handling unit on a shipment has a smart label, the solution knows when part of a shipment has departed a facility, while the remaining parts were left behind. 

Did the freight get misrouted?

No need to hunt for where it went. The smart labeled freight will tell you which facility it shows up in.

Waiting for freight to be recorded as arrived?

Automated arrival information eliminates waiting to learn if freight is on dock. Operational processes to keep freight moving without delay can continue in confidence.

How it saves costs

Reduce the need to integrate with 3rd party providers

Having an independent, reliable source of what is in inventory at a 3rd party facility eliminates requirements for the provider to have software, processes, and integration that keeps your TMS up to date.

Avoid storage fees

With the arrival, departure data, you have visibility to how long freight is sitting so that you can proactively manage it and avoid storage costs.

Creating automated visibility is fast and low cost

freight shipment tracking

Get point-to-point visibility out of the box!