Bluetooth Tracking for Item-Level Supply Chain Visibility

Reelables Bluetooth Tracking Labels Automate Data Collection for Real-Time Inventory Audits

Manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies, and cargo forwarders finally have an easy-to-use, automated solution to the track and trace challenge: Reelables Bluetooth tracking labels. Our labels actively broadcast a Bluetooth identifier, enabling full stock count every minute. Reelables labels also allow you to locate items in the warehouse or on the truck with real-time accuracy.

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With a 100 m range, there’s no need to move items through choke points for data collection. Inventory is detected across the entire warehouse or on the move, using minimal and
cost-effective infrastructure.



Reelables Bluetooth tracking stickers reduce the total cost of ownership for real-time tracking systems. Apply our disposable Bluetooth tracker sticker to each item in your inventory without breaking your budget.

Eco-Friendly Materials for More Flexibility

Environmentally Friendly

Reelables Bluetooth tracking labels use an eco-friendly Zn-Mn alternative battery coating incorporated in the label. They are approved for air shipments and can be disposed of in ordinary waste streams rather than according to e-waste protocols.

Get point-to-point visibility right out of the box!

The Power of Bluetooth Tracking Technology


Instantly locate an item and detect issues, deviations from the scheduled route, or exceptions in real time to address issues faster.

Accessible Insights

Easily access data via the Reelables app or dashboard, or connect your application to the Reelables Bluetooth tracking API to provide self-service insights to anyone in your organization.

Exception Accountability

Efficiently troubleshoot, pinpoint bottlenecks and exceptions, and have the information you need to determine accountability for lost or damaged inventory.
Reelables Plain White Labels

Reelables Bluetooth Tracking Label Features

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