Shipment Tracking Software With Real-World Visibility

A lightweight shipment tracking system that shares automated data in real time

Leverage reliable, accurate data in real time to more easily manage exceptions, improve customer experiences, and expand your supply chain operations network. Supported by Reelables automated Bluetooth Tracking Labels, our Timelines Dashboard provides visibility based on when a shipment is actually received, rather than when it gets scanned. With Timelines, you never have to let human error and delayed paperwork get in the way of outstanding service!

Looking for shipment tracking software that’s easy to install and provides real-time visibility? Try Reelables today!

Accessible Visibility

Accessible Visibility

See accurate dwell times, arrival and departure information, and detect split shipments even when incomplete shipments have been signed for.

Simple Implementation

The Timelines Dashboard is simple to implement with an API that integrates into most WMS, TMS, or ERP software. An I-frame for websites delivers customer-facing accessibility.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Eliminating manual processes also eliminates human error and reduces labor expenses. Our shipment tracking system is highly accurate and simplifies expanding logistics networks.

We work with VARs, partnering with them to deliver Bluetooth track-and-trace solutions that provide customers with real-time visibility into supply chain performance.

Shipment Tracking Software for the Future of Logistics Visibility

Expand Your Network

Our shipment tracking system delivers simple, consistent visibility for cargo at your facility, at third-party facilities, and in-transit, making it easier to expand supply chain operations networks and grow your business.

Get Instant Visibility

Getting started with our Timelines Dashboard is quick and easy. Print and provision our Bluetooth labels, install the gateway, and you have instant visibility into your shipment at a package level.

More Accurate Than Ever

Automating your shipment tracking eliminates human error and delayed paperwork. Packages will never be missed, dwell times will be accurate, and you can manage and mitigate exceptions in real time.

Ready to learn more? Download our Bluetooth tracking label spec sheet.