September 29, 2022

Bluetooth Tracking for Freight Forwarding

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Overcome Freight Forwarding Challenges with Bluetooth Tracking Solutions

There have been few other times in history when more eyes have been on freight forwarders and cargo shippers – and this high of a demand for reliable freight forwarding solutions. Supply chain disruptions that began with the COVID-19 pandemic led to port congestion, delays, and people around the world looking for companies that could deliver. Further complicating issues, companies are facing labor shortages, power rationing, and geopolitical factors that create delays, excursions, and the question, “Where’s my shipment?”


The Benefits of Bluetooth Technology

Although Bluetooth technology can’t help companies overcome every hurdle the industry faces, Bluetooth tracking is a key component of freight forwarding solutions that address these challenges.

Lack of Visibility

Barcode and RFID solutions only collect data and update systems when shipments reach milestones – the port, the dock door, warehouse bins, shipping pallets, a distributor’s receiving – with no visibility in between. If an item or an entire shipment is missing, it takes a significant investment of time and labor costs to track it down.

Bluetooth technology enables continual tracking from the factory to the distributor to the customer. It also makes data available to cargo shipping and freight forwarding management teams and their customers for total visibility when freight is in transit. Furthermore, if dwell times are longer than anticipated, it gives freight forwarders the ability to adjust schedules, communicate the new timeline to the customer, and possibly compensate by expediting other legs of the shipment.

Managing Split Shipments

Split shipments complicate freight forwarding management, particularly for international freight forwarders that need to clear customs.

Unlike barcode or RFID, Bluetooth freight forwarding solutions provide continual tracking, locating all parts of the shipment at any time. Data from the Bluetooth solution allows cargo shipping or freight forwarding companies to receive alerts in real time and plan based on that data to optimize buffers and control costs.


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Labor Shortages

Managing shipments, particularly when there’s limited visibility into items’ locations, requires a competent, experienced team. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many companies have been down some workers. A study by NTT Data found 78% of shippers are facing labor shortages.

Locating missing shipments, troubleshooting issues, and correcting problems take time that these teams don’t have. Additionally, when teams are stretched thin, human error with label scanning is more likely.

Bluetooth tracking automates data collection and data sharing, ensures accuracy, and allows employees to focus on core responsibilities, maximizing productivity.

Increased Competition

Decreased barriers to entry have enabled more entrants into the market, creating even more pressure to operate the fastest and with the most accuracy and agility.

Bluetooth tracking gives you an advantage that many of your competitors don’t have. In addition to streamlining processes and enhancing visibility, it creates more options. For example, managing air freight is easier with Bluetooth labels from Reelables, which are approved Internet of Things (IoT) devices for airlines. Bluetooth enables the best possible service that meets or exceeds customer expectations when your competition can’t.


The ROI of a Bluetooth Freight Forwarding Solution

For companies struggling with lack of visibility, management during unprecedented supply chain disruptions, and increasing customer demands, the return on investment of Bluetooth tracking is apparent. Bluetooth technology provides location data of 100% of the products in shipments at any time, even if a shipment is split or awaiting customs clearances.

Automating data collection with Bluetooth also allows your team to remain focused on moving cargo rather than hunting down missing items by reviewing video, searching logs, or reviewing data from scan to scan.

Additionally, Bluetooth enables data-driven decision making that allows intelligent planning, decreased fuel and shipping costs, and higher profits.


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