December 6, 2023

Why NBIoT?

At Reelables, innovation is our driving force. Our latest cellular label, designed to redefine the tracking industry, runs on Narrow Band Internet of Things (NBIoT). It’s a choice we’re excited about, and we often get asked why we opted for NBIoT over other common options like CAT-M or GPS. In this blog post, we’ll shed light on why NBIoT was the clear winner for us.

What is NBIoT?

Image of a telecommunication tower at sunset

Let’s start by demystifying NBIoT for those who aren’t familiar with the term. NBIoT stands for Narrow Band Internet of Things. It’s a specialized low band wavelength designed to support use cases, such as electrical meter reporting and city-neighborhood level real-time tracking. What sets NBIoT apart is its ability to facilitate the transmission of small amounts of data over long distances, even from indoors or underground locations. This technology is optimized for low power consumption and is seamlessly integrated into existing 5G cellular networks, making it a smart choice for a variety of applications.

Why NBIoT for Reelables?

At Reelables, our expertise lies in crafting thin-filmed battery-powered labels. When we embarked on the journey to develop the first-ever real-time tracker as thin as a label, we faced a unique set of challenges. We needed a cellular technology that would allow us to leverage our existing non-dangerous goods battery technology used in our Bluetooth labels. Here’s why NBIoT was the perfect fit:

  • Low Power Consumption: NBIoT excels in power efficiency, which aligns perfectly with our vision of creating long-lasting, battery-powered solutions. By choosing NBIoT, we ensure that our labels can operate efficiently for extended periods without the need for frequent battery replacements.
  • Seamless Integration: NBIoT chips seamlessly integrate with our battery technology. This integration minimizes engineering hurdles, allowing us to bring our cutting-edge cellular labels to the market quickly and efficiently.
  • Network Compatibility: Leveraging NBIoT on existing 5G cellular networks simplifies the deployment of our solutions. This means our customers can enjoy the benefits of our labels without the need for complex infrastructure upgrades.

In Conclusion:

In the world of cellular technology, making the right choice is crucial. Reelables’ decision to adopt NBIoT over other alternatives like CAT-M or GPS was driven by our commitment to delivering innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions to our customers. NBIoT’s low power consumption, seamless integration, and network compatibility perfectly align with our mission to create cutting-edge thin-filmed battery-powered labels. With NBIoT, we’re excited to offer a new era of real-time tracking possibilities that are as slim as a label and as reliable as our reputation for excellence.

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