Automated Shipment Tracking With Real-World Visibility

Build Trust and Confidence With Your Customers That Their Shipment Will Arrive on Time

Timelines is an out-of-the box tracking solution, with a drop-in visualization showing the location, progress and expected delivery time of any shipment. Empower your support team with an absolute source of truth for shipment location in your network that is free from human error.

Provide real-time location visibility of shipments in your network to internal support teams or directly to end customers. Timelines shows exactly where shipments are at every leg of their journey, making progress toward an on-time delivery.

As an embeddable, drop-in web frame or web link, Timelines can be added to internal support systems or end customer-facing websites, without any integration required. It’s easily customizable by your web developer to provide a seamless user experience under your brand.

Timelines works automatically with Reelables’ location tracking Bluetooth labels, replacing manual, error-prone barcode scanning, paperwork processing, and data entry upon shipment arrival or departure.
The result is near-perfect location data, enabling your team to provide world-class support to your customers. Timelines delivers confidence and builds client trust that all possible measures are in place to deliver their shipment on time.
Accessible Visibility

Keep Customers Onboard Your Platform

Timelines provides tracking visualization that end users have come to expect from third-party API aggregating platforms. With Reelables, it’s now easy to provide even better data accuracy, building trust and confidence directly from you.

No Integration Required

Timelines works as a layer on top of existing TMS or WMS systems, providing an out-of-the-box shipment tracking system. It’s easily embedded as an iframe into your website for your internal support team or externally, to build confidence with visibility directly available to your customers.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Eliminate manual processes and reduce labor expenses. Reelables Bluetooth labels automate location tracking with sensor-based tracking, making it an absolute source of truth, free from human error.

We also work with VARs, partnering with them to deliver track and trace solutions that provide customers with real-time visibility into supply chain performance.