November 1, 2023

Meet Our Founders

Picture of metal letters spelling the word Reelables

Recognizing the Pioneers of Smart Label Technology

In the ever-evolving world of technology and innovation, there are those who not only adapt to change but also lead the charge. Brian Krejcarek and David Stanton, the co-founders of Reelables, are prime examples of this pioneering spirit, as their company makes noteworthy strides in the fields of wireless sensing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. In this post, we will delve into the origin story of this remarkable company.

A Journey Rooted in Minneapolis

Brian Krejcarek’s journey began in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota. A born and bred Minnesotan, Brian developed a passion for engineering from a young age. He decided to nurture his love for technology by pursuing a degree in engineering at the University of Illinois. This initial step marked the beginning of his path towards becoming a trailblazing entrepreneur.

Brian proudly refers to himself as a “serial entrepreneur” and has founded several wireless sensing and IoT companies over the course of his career. His career took an exciting turn when he joined Drayson Technologies, a UK-based energy harvesting technology company, as an engineering consultant. It was here that he met the individuals who would eventually form the core team of Reelables: David Stanton and Steven Swinbank.

The Birth of a Vision

During his tenure at Drayson Technologies, Brian Krejcarek’s innovative mind conceived an idea that would ultimately transform the IoT industry. He envisioned the concept of placing IoT chips on thin printed batteries. This idea would be the foundation for smart labels that could track and monitor a wide range of items, thanks to their compact, thin, and battery-powered design.

Brian’s relentless pursuit of this visionary concept led him to dive deep into the realms of design, manufacturing processes, and the development of the smart label itself. His dedication and innovation during this time resulted in the granting of three patents, solidifying his commitment to transforming this dream into a reality.

Brian’s role within Reelables extends beyond the CEO title. He is the driving force behind innovation and manufacturing, ensuring that the company’s products fulfill their potential.

From Vision to Commercial Success

Picture of David Stanton in front of Reelables building.

Bringing this vision to life required a formidable team, and Brian found the ideal collaborator in David Stanton.  David would go on to become the CTO and co-founder of Reelables. A native of the UK, David brought his wealth of knowledge in engineering and computing to the table. Before joining Reelables, he had already demonstrated his leadership skills by managing multiple teams at IAG, with technical responsibilities spanning British Airways, IAG Cargo, Avios, IAG Innovation, and One World.

Together, Brian and David embarked on a journey that would revolutionize the industry. They invented the innovative “print-to-activate” method, which streamlined the association and activation process of smart labels, making them seamlessly adaptable to existing operational processes. This innovation marked a significant milestone in the industry, positioning Reelables as a trailblazer.

The vision evolved further as they honed in on solving manual track and trace issues for inventory, cargo, and assets using smart labels. David Stanton, as CTO, was entrusted with overseeing product development and nurturing key relationships, a role that was integral to transforming their dream into a commercial success.

The story of Reelables is a testament to the power of vision, innovation, and collaboration. Brian Krejcarek and David Stanton’s journey, from Minneapolis and the UK, brought together two brilliant minds whose collective ambition is changing the way we track and trace in the digital age. Reelables’ success is not just a story of innovation. It’s a testament to the remarkable individuals behind the technology, who turned a dream into reality and set a new standard in IoT and smart labeling.

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