February 16, 2023

Bluetooth Labels for Inventory Accuracy and Partial Shipments

Shipping corridor

Piece-Level Tracking Makes Improved Inventory Accuracy and Partial Shipment Management Possible


Accurate, granular data facilitates better management of every aspect of shipping, inventory, and overall logistics operations. Bluetooth tracking solutions deliver crystal clear visibility that makes a real difference for your business. Piece-level tracking made possible with Bluetooth smart labels translates to better inventory accuracy, and a partial shipment no longer means chaos when packages remain visible even after they have been split.


Why Piece-Level Tracking Matters

Piece-level visibility improves overall efficiency, eliminates waste, and makes inventory accuracy a reality. Automated inventory audits, reduce or eliminate the labor required to do manual audits and prevent costly human errors. Additionally, partial shipments are easier to manage with the right tools to see and manage exceptions in real time.

Benefits of Bluetooth Smart Label Tracking

  • Close to 100% inventory accuracy
  • Improve customer satisfaction by preventing stockouts
  • Save storage space by preventing overstocks
  • Better order fulfillment visibility
  • Real-time management of shipping exceptions, partial shipment, and partial delivery
  • See discrepancies between piece and shipment data
  • Better alignment between records and reality
  • Fewer shortage disputes


Inventory Accuracy: The #1 Benefit of Piece-Level Tracking

Inventory accuracy is one of the most important and most challenging elements of warehouse and logistics management. When inventory management goes wrong, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Knowing precisely what’s in stock at any given moment and when it’s time to reorder supports on-time order fulfillment and prevents the expense of wasted space.

Bluetooth tracking solutions like Reelables smart labels are simple to implement. It’s a cost-effective means to track even lower to mid-value products at an item level. Automated stock counts every minute provide the information necessary for leaner operations.


Reduce Shortage Disputes

Because Bluetooth is a ubiquitous standard, it’s inexpensive and more feasible than ever to implement tracking along multiple points in your logistics corridor. You’ll have fewer blind spots, resulting in increased accountability from the time a shipment leaves the warehouse until it arrives at the delivery site.

Piece-level shipping and delivery confirmation significantly reduces shortage disputes, saves the cost of researching orders, streamlines payments, and improves customer service. Partnering with customers to provide piece-level shipping and inventory tracking with cost-effective and easy-to-use Bluetooth labels adds even more value to your services.


Effectively Manage Partial Shipments

Shipping may go smoothly when everything is in one palette or one package, but sometimes parcels have to be split up last minute due to weight or size limitations. If visibility is only at the pallet level when this happens, the ability to manage partial shipment or partial delivery events is greatly diminished or even entirely lost.

Until recently, it has only made financial sense to track luxury or high-end products at the piece level. Logistics operations generally accept partial shipment losses and inconveniences as a casualty of dealing in mid-priced items. But with the cost-effectiveness of Bluetooth labeling solutions, it now makes sense to implement piece-level tracking.


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Bluetooth Vs. RFID: Which is Better for Piece-Level Visibility?

Which is More Cost-Effective?

RFID tracking has been an unfulfilled promise to warehousing and logistics companies looking to optimize their operations and increase visibility. RFID readers and labels are expensive, so it is just not cost-effective to implement at a piece level for anything other than high-end or luxury products.

Bluetooth trackers only just now come in the form of a printable label, and Bluetooth gateway devices are a fraction of the cost of RFID readers. The total cost of ownership with Bluetooth tracking solutions makes this option more accessible to operations looking for piece-level visibility.

Which is Most Accurate?

RFID labels must pass through a designated reader to be tracked as coming in or out of the warehouse. If items move through a scanning corridor faster than they can be read, or if they don’t pass through the proper choke point, then they are missed.

Rather than having to pass through a scanning corridor or specific choke point in order to be tracked, Reelables Bluetooth labels constantly transmit their signals to sensors up to 100 m away. This is especially useful when tracking at an piece level throughout your logistics network , because you can worry less about losing your parcels once they are out of your hands.


Reelables Bluetooth Labels Provide Cost-Effective Instant, Piece-Level Visibility

It’s simple and cost-effective to get Piece-level visibility into your inventory and shipments with Reelables Bluetooth labels. Once implemented, the data needed to improve accuracy and customer satisfaction—and to streamline operations—will be at your fingertips.

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