October 2, 2023

Bluetooth Beacons Compared, Part 4: Selecting The Right Device

Reelables All-in-One Labels

Reelables Bluetooth Labels
Traditional Bluetooth Beacons

In this blog series, we have examined the differences between traditional Bluetooth beacons and the innovative Reelables Bluetooth Label. To help you make an informed decision, we will summarize our findings in a side-by-side comparison matrix, consider relative pricing, and explore common use cases.

Comparison Matrix

Comparison Matrix

Use Case Recommendations

With these traits in mind, we will map generic use cases to beacon solutions:

  1. Multi-year, Fixed Asset Monitoring: If your goal is to monitor fixed assets over an extended period (3+ years), traditional lithium-powered Bluetooth beacons may be the preferred choice.
  2. Less than One Year, High Volume Inventory: For high-volume inventory tracking that requires less than one year of monitoring, Bluetooth labels offer a cost-effective and efficient solution with their one-year battery life.
  3. In-Between Use Case: If your use case falls somewhere between multi-year asset tracking and high-volume inventory management, you’ll need to consider the trade-offs between form factor, reliability, price point, and return on investment. Assess your specific requirements carefully.

Looking to the Future

It’s important to note that the landscape of Bluetooth technology is continually evolving. What holds true today may not necessarily apply a year or even a month from now. As technology advances, new solutions and features may become available, further impacting your decision-making process.

In conclusion, choosing the right Bluetooth beacon solution depends on your unique needs and priorities. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights to help you make an informed choice that aligns with your objectives. Whether you opt for traditional Bluetooth beacons or the Reelables Bluetooth Label, your decision should be guided by a careful consideration of battery life, form factor, activation and association methods, quality assurance, and pricing.

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