September 21, 2023

Bluetooth Beacons Compared, Part 3: Quality

Reelables All-in-One Labels

Reelables Bluetooth Labels
Traditional Bluetooth Beacons

When it comes to smart devices, a significant concern is whether or not they will deliver as promised. Unfortunately, not all smart devices live up to expectations, and discovering their flaws often occurs after the fact. In such cases, proving that operational errors are not to blame can be challenging, as discussed in the previous section on Activation & Association. Moreover, troubleshooting device issues with manufacturers can be a convoluted and frustrating process.

The Complex World of Device Components

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Smart device manufacturers typically use various off-the-shelf components to assemble their products. When a device malfunctions, identifying which component is at fault and pinpointing the specific problem within that component can be a time-consuming ordeal.  For the customer, this complexity can lead to missed milestones, introducing manual work and reduced trust in the IoT solution.

The Reelables Advantage

Reelables Bluetooth beacons take a different approach. These beacons are entirely manufactured in-house, which has a significant impact on their reliability and troubleshooting capabilities.

Comprehensive Component Tracking: Given the high-volume nature of Reelables’ production, every component that goes into their labels is individually tracked. This meticulous tracking ensures that each label is assembled with precision, using components that meet the highest standards.

Thorough Testing: Throughout the manufacturing process, each label undergoes rigorous testing to confirm that it is active and operating as specified. This comprehensive testing protocol helps identify any potential issues early in the manufacturing process.

Proactive Problem Resolution: Should a label or a reel of labels encounter problems, Reelables has the capability to pinpoint the exact batch of substrate, battery, or chip that may be causing the issue. This level of granularity allows for proactive problem management and swift resolution, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.

The Result: High Quality, Reliable Bluetooth Labels

The outcome of Reelables’ quality assurance processes is a Bluetooth label that you can rely on with confidence. With the assurance of in-house manufacturing, meticulous component tracking, and proactive troubleshooting, Reelables Bluetooth beacons offer a high level of performance and reliability for your asset tracking and inventory management needs.

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In summary, when selecting a Bluetooth beacon solution, it’s essential to consider not only the device’s features but also its reliability and support. Reelables Bluetooth beacons, thanks to their in-house manufacturing and rigorous quality assurance processes, stand as a dependable choice for organizations seeking a hassle-free and reliable solution for their smart tracking needs. By choosing Reelables, you can significantly reduce the risk of device-related operational issues and enjoy a smoother tracking experience.

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