Freight Shipment Tracking for Cargo Forwarders

Real-time, item-level freight tracking based on the real world

Take advantage of freight shipment tracking visibility that makes a difference for freight forwarders and their customers with Reelables Timelines. There is no need to base operations schedules on data entry subject to human error when Reelables Bluetooth labels automatically register the exact time shipments arrive and depart—even when split shipments, excursions, and exceptions occur.

Experience simplified, improved freight shipment tracking visibility for customers and internal operations with a Reelables Demo Kit today!

Eliminate Manual Processing

Eliminate Manual Processing

Bluetooth labels eliminate manual tasks like scanning and data entry. This allows freight forwarders to track shipments with confidence, knowing that information is accurate and reliable.

Detect Split Shipments

The Reelables Timelines Dashboard is made for automated item-level visibility. You’ll be able to track a split shipment, even when incomplete shipments have been signed for multiple times.

See Dwell Times in Real Time

See Dwell Times in Real Time

When manual processes dominate freight tracking data, shipments take hours to scan, causing inaccurate dwell times. Reelables automation ensures a precise picture for every delivery.

We work with VARs, partnering with them to deliver Bluetooth track-and-trace solutions that provide customers with real-time visibility into supply chain performance.

Freight Shipment Tracking for Cargo Forwarders Has Never Been More Accessible

Simple Implementation

Shipment tracking with Reelables Bluetooth smart labels is straightforward and simple to implement. Print and provision labels, plug in the reader, and gain instant visibility.  Eliminate manual processes including paperwork and scanning.

Easy-to-Consume Data

API integrates Reelables directly into your existing TMS, WMS, ERP or other enterprise software systems. Our I-frame provides a customer-facing dashboard on your website giving clients a constant stream of shipment tracking data.

Item-Level Accuracy at Your Fingertips

Increase the number of OTIF deliveries, improve accountability, and delight your customers with better service. Tracking shipments at a package level is cost effective for low to mid-value items with Reelables Bluetooth labels.

Ready to learn more? Download our Bluetooth tracking label spec sheet.